About Us

For a women's sense of self-worth, her ability to determine her own choices, and her right to influence social change for herself and others, a women like you started on her journey of exploring beyond normal and in the process “ AATMaMOH” was born FROM HER, FOR HER.
  • We are authentic, we are sustainable, we are irresistible. We are Aatmamoh.
  • At Aatmamoh, we offer a wide range of saris which are handcrafted by the artisans from various clusters across India. We deal purely and strictly in natural fibres only. We are ethical in our practices and respect the crafts and it’s ethnicity. We work towards promoting the age old art of weaving and dyeing with a contemporary touch to it. We are trying to restore these crafts and create a market for these products. We want to add our bit here and save our culture and these dyeing art. 
  • We are mindful about our planet and the generations to come. We strive to make our brand plastic free. We are sourcing from local artisans. We try to use chemical free dyed as much as possible. Our products are made to last for very long. Our products are hand washed and dried in the sun. We try to fulfill our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • At Aatmamoh, we are rooted to our culture and traditions with a touch of current time. We look at the crafts with contemporary lenses. Our focus is to create new designs and product using our heritage techniques. Our collection is a perfect blend of fashion and tradition.
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