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Beige Hand Painted Madhubani Tussar silk saree – Aatmamoh

Beige Hand Painted Madhubani Tussar silk saree


Authentic Handpainted Madhubani fine tussar silk saree in natural silk color. The Anchal of the saree has a Bengali couple getting married. The scene is of the ritual called “Aahuti”, where the Bride and the groom offers paddy to the fire. Paddy is a symbol of wealth in Hindu culture.

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Known as the Silk city, Bhagalpur produces the finest of silks. This pure tussar silk saree is hand painted in a more contemporary madhubani art. The anchal of the saree shows a Bengali couple giving aahuti to the fire as a part of the rituals of getting married. The Body of the saree has “Sinhora” painted all over. “ Sinhora” can roughly be explained as the container which holds the Sindur during the marriage ceremony. It is very special and dear to the bride and holds a very important place in a women’s life. The sheen and texture of these indigenous silks add an air of refinement to these meticulously painted sarees. They are suited for both festive or formal occasions

Color: Natural

Fabric: Silk

Care: Dry Clean only

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